Cooling Towers

Bottle Shape Cooling Towers Manufacturer

Round/Bottle Shape Cooling Tower

Our organization offers an extensive range of Bottle Shape Cooling Towers, which is widely used in various industries to cool and re-cycle the water flow from 5 M3/ Hr. to 500 M3/ Hr. These are designed to give round shape, which provides an attractive look to the product and ensures 100% cooling efficiency. Round/Bottle Shape Cooling Towers are compact, heavy duty and efficient cooling tower with a long services life & aesthetic design. Owing to these features, these cater to various industries and HVAC applications. Due to the self rotating sprinkler, the water is properly distributed over the PVC Fills. The shape facilitates in desired airflow. Being round in structure, the air flow of the tower is properly distributed. Thermo dynamically efficient, structural members never interrupt air intake. This directly causes reduction in running costs.

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Square Shape Cooling Tower Supplier in Coimbatore

Square Shape Cooling Tower

We have developed expertise in offering a comprehensive range of Square Shape FRP Cooling Towers is manufactured in line with international quality standards, which cater to the needs of various industries. Our range of cooling towers helps in cooling re-cycling the water flow, from 10 M3/ Hr. to 500 M3/ Hr. Square shape cooling towers available with us are latest technology based square shape cooling towers that are fabricated using superior quality raw material. Offered at competitive prices, square shape cooling towers are ideal for multi cell option and have complete FRP casing that ensures optimum protection of the body of the cooling tower. Square shape cooling towers cool the re-cycled water. The towers blend easily with architectural surroundings, giving a unique aesthetic appearance.

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Wooden Cooling Tower Supplier in Coimbatore

Wooden Cooling Tower

We manufacture and provide multi-blade wooden cooling towers which are aluminum casted. Our wooden cooling towers are fabricated using HDG steel while the joints are bolted with GI bolts and SS nails. The TEFC motor available with the cooling tower is of low RPM. We have been able to manufacture and supply excellent quality Wooden Cooling Tower. Wooden cooling towers are developed and designed using high grade raw material in strict adherence with international quality standards. All the towers offered by us are stringently tested on the basis of well defined quality parameters so that only trouble free towers are delivered at clients location within the scheduled time limit.

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Dry Cooling Tower Supplier in Coimbatore

Dry Cooling Tower

The dry cooling towers are designed and selected through software providing accurate data on thermal transfer rate based on which they are manufactured. The tower designed incorporates the shell and tube designed with copper tubing and aluminium foil fins. The water losses are 0.01% since, the circuits are of the closed loop type and the towers are most space saving / energy efficient once. Dry cooling towers are best suited for applications such as Furnace coil water cooling, D/G Sets, Compressors. The fans are of aluminium die cast with adjustable pitch and are individually tested for different flow rates. Dry cooling towers are all dynamically balanced. Since, the complete fan is of Aluminium Alloy / Plastic it does not corrode when used in outdoor applications.

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Natural Draft Cooling Tower Supplier in Coimbatore

Natural Draft Cooling Tower

We are involved in offering a comprehensive range of Natural Draft Cooling Towers, which doesn't require any fan, or PVC fills for operation. These are 100% safe and works efficiently without any power or maintenance like other towers. TNatural Draft Cooling Tower is designed in latest technology environment so that it can meet present scenario as well as customers requirement at cost effective price. These natural draft cooling tower is also known as Spray type cooling tower. These natural draft cooling towers are in great demand considering its longevity and the savings. We are here to cater our clients with optimum quality Natural Draft Type Cooling Towers that are scientifically designed and have sturdy construction. Easy to maintain and highly durable, these cooling towers require minimum maintenance and offer high performance.

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RCC Cooling Tower Supplier in Coimbatore

RCC Cooling Tower

We are manufacturing Induced draft Cooling Tower in RCC Construction also both in Cross Flow and Counter Flow design. Since the structure of cooling tower is complete with RCC, the tower life will be more than timber as well as FRP. RCC (Reinforced Cement Concrete) Cooling Tower. These cooling towers are developed and designed using concrete cement in compliance with industry laid norms and guidelines. All the towers offered by us are widely demanded in the industry for their excellent features such as high durability and long lasting. Adding to this, our entire range is the tested on the basis of well defined quality parameters so that only high quality towers are delivered at clients' location within the committed time period.

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Cross Flow Cooling Tower Supplier in Coimbatore

Cross Flow Cooling Tower

Cross flow cooling towers system is a design in which the air flow is directed perpendicular to the water flow. Air flow enters one or more vertical faces of the Cross flow cooling towers to meet the fill material. In this case the air that passes the water is not capable to pass waters at different temperatures. Thus the level of Cross flow cooling tower in this case is less. The Cross flow cooling tower is a pioneering product in Design & manufacture of FRP Cooling towers in South India. No sprinkler distribution is possible in a Cross flow Cooling Towers.

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