Dry Cooling Tower

Dry Cooling Tower Manufacturer Coimbatore

Dry Cooling towers are produced in forced draught and induced draught designs, and in single and multi-fan arrangements, depending customer specifications and requirements,The dry cooling towers are designed and selected through software providing accurate data on thermal transfer rate based on which they are manufactured. The tower designed incorporates the shell and tube designed with copper tubing and aluminium foil fins. The water losses are 0.01% since, the circuits are of the closed loop type and the towers are most space saving / energy efficient once. Dry cooling towers are best suited for applications such as Furnace coil water cooling, D/G Sets, Compressors. The fans are of aluminium die cast with adjustable pitch and are individually tested for different flow rates. Dry cooling towers are all dynamically balanced. Since, the complete fan is of Aluminium Alloy / Plastic it does not corrode when used in outdoor applications. Dry cooling towers are in a single unit can be provided in capacities from 1000 kw to 1500 kw and they can be multiplexed to reach many thousand or kilowatts.

Advantages of Dry Cooling Tower

1. A great deal of water gets preserved on using dry cooling towers.
2. Less or no preparation needed as atmospheric air is in abundance.
3. No formation of scale or heat exchanger cleaning is required.
4. There are no mobile parts except for the fan and the motors. Hence the cooling tower maintenance is negligible.
5. Dust, fly ash, living organisms or dirt do not get mixed up with process water.
6. There are no constraints placed on the location of plant.
7. No corrosions caused by air.
8. This cooling tower performance ensures minimal environmental impact.

Aplications of DRY Cooling Towers

1. Power generation units (Mega watts projects).
2. Steel Casting Foundries /Steel Plant (MS Ingot / Billet Mfg).
3. Diesel / Gas generators.
4. Air compressor cooling / after cooler / inter cooler / jacket cooler.
5. Heat Treatment Furnaces (Forging Unit).
6. Special process applications.
7. Rubber Industries.

Dry Cooling Tower Maintenance

Predominantly used for air compressor and power generating units for applications of engine water cooling. Petroleum plant, power utility, steel manufacturing industry, cement, sugar factures , chemical and gas-processing industrials.