After Cooler Heat Exchanger

After Cooler Heat Exchanger Manufacturer in Coimbatore

Aftercoolers are heat exchangers for cooling the discharge from a air compressor. They use either air or water and are an effective means of removing moisture from compressed air. Aftercoolers control the amount of water vapour in a compressed air system by condensing the water vapour into liquid form. In a distribution or process manufacturing system, liquid water can cause significant damage to the equipment that uses compressed air. An aftercooler is necessary to ensure the proper functionality of pneumatic or air handling devices that are a part of process manufacturing systems. After coolers can use either air-cooled or water-cooled mechanisms.

Functions of After Cooler Heat Exchangers

Our After-cooler heat exchanger to successfully cool the air passing through the device, The inter-cooler needs to be cooled with the aid of some outside means. Many of the inter-coolers undergo cooling like an engine radiator where the air flows above the inter-cooler fins outside, that in return cools the air present inside the inter-cooler. Thus it is known as air to air inter-coolers. Some of the inter-coolers that are water cooled rather than by air are known as air to water inter-coolers or after coolers.

Specifications of After Cooler Heat Exchangers

1. Length: 45" (1135mm) 2. Width: 25" (640mm) 3. Height: 39" (1000mm) 4. Weight: 163 lbs. (74kg)

Advantages of After cooler Heat Exchangers

The advantage that gireesh after cooler heat exchanger is that the air passing through the device can be cooled better when compared to a traditional inter-cooler where ice and excessively cold water is utilized to cool the device. Water is a good conductor of heat rather than air; with the capacity to conduct four times its heat. It is for this reason that the after coolers are comparatively more effective. The downside is that as time goes, the water gets heated to the air temperature passing through the device and so loses its capacity to cool the incoming air.

Some of the after coolers utilize a small radiator in order to cool the water running through the system, thus making the heat exchangers ideal for racing as well as street use. After cooler heat exchangers that are ice packed work well for applications of drag racing as only around ten seconds of functioning is required before one shuts down and goes to the victory dais. For street applications and mild racing, after coolers or air to air inter-coolers with radiators are feasible since the ability to cool the incoming air does not minimize with time.

Applications of After Cooler Heat Exchangers

1. Power plants 2. Chemical plants 3. Petrochemical plants 4. Petroleum refineries 5. Natural gas processing