Evaporator Coil Cooler

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We are highly engaged in the field of manufacturing and supply of Direct Expansion Evaporator coil cooler. These direct expansion coils are engineered and intended to convey highest heat transmit efficiency under a wide range of working conditions. These direct expansion coils are available in various shades and shapes. We are offering a wide range variety of direct expansion coil to meet the performance requirement of various applications. Fin Type Cooler are produced in forced draught and induced draught designs, and in single and multi-fan arrangements, depending customer specifications and requirements, We are the professional Fin Type Coolerand air cooled condenser manufacturers, tubes in copper and fins are aluminium MOC we use 5/8’ or 3/8’and ½’ OD copper tubes as per customer specification, all tubes are well expanded tested for pressure and leak.

Function of Evaporator Coil Cooler

Air Cooled Heat Exchangers - also known as Fin Fan Coolers, are heat transfer devices for rejecting heat from a hot process fluids such as refinery products or steam directly, to the surrounding atmosphere.
Target Fin Fan Coolers are basically that multiple rows of fin tubes with a fan to move lower temperature ambient air over the coils in order to cool the hotter fluid, just like a radiator in industrial an automobile. An industrial example is a unit large enough to reject the heat from a turbine exhaust steam condensation system.

Evaporator coil cooler Supplier coimbatore

Advantages of Evaporator Coil Type Cooler

1. A great deal of water gets preserved on using Fin Type Cooler.
2. Less or no preparation needed as atmospheric air is in abundance
3. No formation of scale or heat exchanger cleaning is required
4. There are no mobile parts except for the fan and the motors. Hence the cooling tower maintenance is negligible
5. Dust, fly ash, living organisms or dirt do not get mixed up with process water
6. There are no constraints placed on the location of plant
7. No corrosions caused by air
8. This cooling tower performance ensures minimal environmental impact
9. Reduced annual operating expenses.

Features of Evaporator Coil Type Cooler

1. Available in standard and non standard designs as per requirement.
2. Made out of copper and aluminum fins.
3. Provided with header or fin distributor.
4. End panels made out of heavy duty galvanized iron sheets.
5. Provided with heater or fin distributor.

Applications of Evaporator Coil Type Cooler

1. Predominantly used for air compressor and power generating units for applications of engine water cooling.
2. Petroleum plant,
3. power utility,
4. steel manufacturing industry,
5. cement,
6. sugar factures,
7. Chemical and gas-processing industrials.
8. Chillier machines,
9. refrigeration system
10. petrochemical refineries.