Air Cooler

Air Cooler Manufacturer in Coimbatore

Hitech evaporator cooling system division manufacturing includes of Evaporative cooling performance which installed outside of wall, brings fresh air into room by air distribution pipe with lowest power consumption, allows door and windows open, make your workshops and offices, factories cool in hot weather to be possible by paying 80% less power consumption to get best productivity and highest working efficiency.

Function of Air Cooler Manufacturer

The air cooler system consists of an aluminium coated steel flat duct. Aluminium finings between the flat ducts are hard-soldered to the aluminium coating of the flat duct. There is also increasing use of Air Cooled Condensers for power stations. The basic principles are the same but these are specialized items and are normally configured as an A-frame or "roof type". Air cooled heat exchangers are may be very large—the condensers for a 4000 MW power station in South Africa have over 2300 tube bundles, 288 fans each 9.1 m in diameter and a total plot area 500 m × 70 m. The solder fills the gap between the fin root and the core tube completely to achieve excellent heat transfer properties.

Advantages of Air Cooler Manufacturer

1. Prevention of thermal and chemical pollution of cooling fluids (closed circuits)
2. Flexibility for any plant location and plot plan arrangement (installation over other units)
3. Reduction of maintenance costs
4. Easy installation by bolted assembly
5. Lower environmental impact than shell and tube heat exchangers thanks to the elimination of an auxiliary water supply

Quality Control for Air Cooler Manufacturer

HiTech cooling machines ensure even & continuous water distribution which in turn gives higher cooling efficiency .Water distributor used will not allow circulating water to leak/to fall fan motor or to deviate its flow. Even water distribution will ensure higher cooling.

Air Cooler Effeciency

1. Less expensive to install
2. Less expensive to operate
3. Ease of Maintenance
4. Ventilation air