Oil Cooled Heat Exchanger

Oil Cooled Heat Exchanger Manufacturer Coimbatore

Oil cooled heat exchangers are water shortage and increasing costs, together with more recent concerns about water pollution and cooling tower plumes, have greatly reduced industry's use of water cooled heat exchangers. Consequently, when further heat integration within the plant is not possible, oil cooled heat exchangers are now usual to reject heat directly to the atmosphere, and a large proportion of the process cooling in refineries and chemical plants takes place in Oil Cooled Heat Exchangers . Oil cooled equipment can be a more simple solution against water cooled because in water cooled systems typically there is also a need for more pumps, piping, central chillers or cooling towers increasing the operating cost and maintenance of the system. Water-cooled oil cooler, maintenance and operating cost are usually low. The cooled water manifolds, charges oil and air coolers for usage on marine engines. These heat exchangers are suitable for power steering, bow thrusters, deck machinery etc.


Oil Coolers with Inbuilt Fan. Oil Coolers are highly efficient and ensure effective heat transfer. Our Oil Coolers can be customized as per requirement. The Finned Tube Oil Coolers with Fans are used where air is used as cooling medium. Oil coolers find application in Diesel Engines, Marine, Plastic Processing Machinery, Die Casting Machines, Hydraulic Power Packs and in many other Industrial applications.


1. Used across several industries.
2. Hi tech technology used.
3. Top class quality.
4. Excellent performance.
5. High durability.
6. Low cost.
7. Low maintenance.
8. Designed and constructed as per is, din or team std.
9. Deprived from intermixing fluids.


1. Oil Coolers are used for various applications involving cooling of Oils
2. Industrial Oil Coolers heat exchangers are widely used in refrigeration
3. Power plants
4. Air conditioning
5. Processing of natural gas
6. Chemical Plants
7. Petrolium Refining
8. Plastic Machinery
9. Hydralic Power Packs
10. Marine Oil Coolers