Radiators Suppliers Manufacturer Coimbatore

HiTech equipment’s Radiators are actually heat exchangers that are utilized to transfer thermal energy from a medium to the other for heating and cooling purposes. Most of the radiators are designed to function in buildings, electronics and automobiles. It is a heat source to the environment, though it may be to heat the surrounding or cool the coolant or fluid that is given to it, as in engine cooling.

HiTech equipment’s wide variety and range of radiators, constructed from copper are manufactured with the latest in technology and technical data. A radiator makes use of hot water that circulates via metal pipes to heat air. As it passes through the pipe, the pipe itself gets heated and this heat is transmitted to the air, thus the room becomes warm. The hot water flows back to a boiler, in which it is heated & then circulated back.

Radiators Function in Engine Cooling

A liquid coolant is passed via the engine block, where it gets heated, and then is passed via the radiator where the heat is lost to the atmosphere. Though the coolant is usually water based, it can also be oil. The coolant air can be pumped or fanned through the radiator.

The hot water radiator is copper pipe that is iteratively bent perpendicularly to create a heating surface of maximum area. The pipes follow the ridged lines. Through valves present at the bottom, water enters and exits. The pipes of copper are bent backward and forward ten to twenty times covering a maximum surface in order to give more heat. Large radiators have many such bents as they have a huge surface area that heats the full room in the building.

The hot water that is pumped inside the radiators from the main heating boiler passes through the copper pipes, heats the outer surface and ultimately warms the room. A screw valve located at the bottom of each radiator helps in temperature control.

These radiators are of two kinds namely single pipe & double pipe. The radiators of single pipe operate with steam whereas the radiators of double pipe operate with hot water or steam. The double pipe kind is the vintage radiator type that has the highest demand.

The portable radiators that are electrically powered are basically of two kinds:

1. Electric elements like quartz, which radiates heat to a solid that conducts heat or heats directly.
2. Liquid filled that makes use of an electric element in order to warm a fluid like oil that is held inside metal tubing, and which circulates through convection.

product specification

1. Bimetal Radiator
2. High quality of raw material(ADC12)
3. High Pressure endurance and safety.
4. Material: ADC12 international Aluminum with strong anti-friction and anti-erosion;
5. Sealed the same material by shine welding machine ,and test pressure by twice times to make sure the good quality

Advantages of Copper Radiator

1. Easy cleaning inner parts of radiator.
2. Low weight
3. Ductility of copper pipes enables easy, quick, and energetically modest assembly
4. Thank to copper excellent conductivity
5. Required low content of water
6. Fits to humid environment as well.