Tube Bundles Heat Exchanger

Tube Bundles Heat Exchanger Manufacturer Coimbatore

Tube Bundles heat exchangers were initially developed to use plain (or smooth) heat transfer surfaces. An Enhanced tube heat exchangers surface has a special surface geometry that provides a higher thermal performance, per unit base surface area than a plain surface. This work presents information of an experimental design on the elements of the tube heat exchanger. In this study, three different fins (plate fin, wavy fin, and compounded fin) were investigated in a wind tunnel.

Design of the tube heat exchanger is quite complex. The tubes used internally are deliberately of various shapes and design to obtain different outcomes. While a few of the tubes may be plain, others may come finned longitudinally or horizontally. Additionally, the tubes can also be of various materials and thermal conductivity. For instance, Target equipment can be designed from carbon steel, stainless steel, cupronickel, copper or brass.


We can manufacture a complete unit, replacement tube bundles (elements) or even a "parts kit"We replace existing tube bundle us per customer request we do size likeLengthupto 20,000 mm,Weight up to 20 M.T ,Pressure up to 300 Kg/cm3 Temperature up to 1000'C, Tube Plate Dia upto 4000 mm, Thickness up to 100 mm.


1. Materials we used for Shell :, Copper, Carbon steel, stainless Steel sizes up to 20000 mm.
2. Tubes Copper, Brass, Cupro-nickel , Carbon Steels in sizes from 6 mm to 50 mm OD, Stainless Steels.
3. Tube Sheets: Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Brass etc.
4. Channels and Cover : Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Case Iron, Brass etc.
5. Gaskets : Rubber, Compressed


1. Air conditioning
2. Processing of natural gas
3. Chemical Plants
4. Petrolium Refining
5. Plastic Machinery
6. Hydralic Power Packs